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Code 071 : Japanese Black Pine

Details Age : Height :
Twin Trunk Style 50 yrs old 45cm

Code 097 : Japanese Blackpine

Japanese Blackpine

Height 70 cm

40 years old

Tree ID 127 : Japanese Blackpine

Japanese Blackpine formal upright style 50 years old tree with a fine Japanese bonsai pot.

Total height 76cm width 64cm

Tree ID 149 : Japanese Blackpine

A 40 yearsold old Japanese blackpine wonderful price for home and garden decoration

Tree ID 202 : Japanese Blackpine

Ancient Black pine tree with stunning thick body indicates of long age through a touch nature. Rough skin shows hardness of the tree while curving body show unique tree charactor.

Tree ID 208 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

120 years old Blackpine from Japan.  An old bonsai tree with wonderful bark with solid body. It is the First class quality Bonsai Tree in our gallery with the base size more than 1 foot. Height 55cm.

Tree ID 211 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Japanese Black Pine 45 yeasrs old tree, Informal upright style.

Tree ID 215 : Japanese Blackpine

Japanese Blackpine 70 years old

Formal upright Style

Tree Height 83 cm

imported from Japan

Tree ID 216 : Japanese Blackpine

Japanese Blackpine  imported from Japan

Tree ID 217 : Japanese Blackpine

Japanese Blackpine  imported from Japan