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บอนไซ ID746: Kishu Shimpaku- Slanted style

Master Class Bonsai by Kenji Oshima

Tree height 77 cm. widht 70cm, Body size 3.2inch

est. age 70 years old


บอนไซ ID759 : Sonare – Slanted style

Master Class Bonsai , Juniper Procumbens over 70 years old


บอนไซ ID762: สน Japanese Black Pine – Forest Style


Yamadori Japanese Blackpine. Old Bark represents the aging of an old tree.

Total height:  cm.

Width:   cm. Body size  inches

est. age 60 years old


บอนไซ ID765: Shimpaku Rock Planting Style- Top Class

Tree height  cm. width cm, Body size inch

est. age 70years old

Code 005 : Hinoki Cypress

Details Age : Height:
Formal Upright 80 years old 80cm

Price call 0809632484


Code 009 : Itoigawa Shimpaku (Top Quality)

Details Age : Height/Width :
Multi trunk style 100 yrs old 40/83cm

Large size with 83cm form left to right. Best Quality of 100 years old history. Unique Bonsai Tree. A perfect gem for the best Home Decoration.

Code 016 : Sekka Hinoki

Details Age : Height :
Informal Upright 80 years old 55cm

Code 028 : Itoigawa Shimpaku (Top Quality)

Top Quality

Price Call 0809632484

Details Age : Height :
On The Rock 70 years old 52cm

Code 030 : Shimpaku

Top Class Quality call 0809632484

Details Age : Height :
Deadwood Style 120 years old 90cm

Code 036 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Details Age : Height :
On The Rock 60 years old 50cm

Code 039 : Itoigawa Shimpaku (The White Dragons)

Top Quality

Details Age : Height :
Multi trunk style 60 years old 60cm

Code 040 : Hinoki Cypress

Details Age : Height :
Cascade Style 40 yrs old 40cm