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ID850: Tosho (bunjingi style) 135cm



HWD 140x45x35cm

Tree name : Japanese Tosho
Literati Bonsai style (Bunjingi)
Est. Age : 70 years old
Origin :  Japan

Literati Bonsai style (Bunjingi)
In nature this style of tree is found in areas densely populated by many other trees and competition is so fierce that the tree can only survive by growing taller then all others around it. The trunk grows crookedly upward and is completely without branching because the sun only hits the top of the tree. To make sure that it looks even tougher, some branches are “Jinned” (without bark). When the bark has been removed from one side of the trunk, the trunk is referred to as a “Shari”. The idea is to demonstrate that the tree has to struggle to survive. These trees are often placed in small, round pots.



Code 005 : Hinoki Cypress

Details Age : Height:
Formal Upright 80 years old 80cm

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Code 009 : Itoigawa Shimpaku (Top Quality)

Details Age : Height/Width :
Multi trunk style 100 yrs old 40/83cm

Large size with 83cm form left to right. Best Quality of 100 years old history. Unique Bonsai Tree. A perfect gem for the best Home Decoration.

Code 016 : Sekka Hinoki

Details Age : Height :
Informal Upright 80 years old 55cm

Code 028 : Itoigawa Shimpaku (Top Quality)

Top Quality

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Details Age : Height :
On The Rock 70 years old 52cm

Code 030 : Shimpaku

Top Class Quality call 0809632484

Details Age : Height :
Deadwood Style 120 years old 90cm