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Code 072 : Hinoki Cypress

Details Age : Height :
Forest Style 40 yrs old 45cm

Code 075 : Sekka Hinoki

Sekka Hinoki  80 years old Upright 55cm

Code 076 : Bonsai Hinoki Cypress

Details Age : Height :
Informal Upright 40 yrs old 43cm

Code 104 : Sekka Hinoki

Sekka Hinoki

20 years old imported from Japan

Code 112 : Sekka Hinoki

Sekka Hinoki ” The Ancient Forest” it is the largest Sekka Hinoki in Thailand.

Tree ID 123 : Sawara Hinoki Cypress

Sawara hinoki – Forest Style. Triplex Tree with Japanese fern and grass decoration

Age 30 years old

Tree Height 44cm (Medium size)

Imported from Japan

Tree ID 148 : Sekka Hinoki

Sekka Hinoki  60 years old

Large size for Sekka species

Tree Height 53cm, 54cm width

Tree ID 163 : Tsuyama (Hinoki) Cypress

Tsuyama Hinoki Cypress – Formal Upright Style

Age 15 years old

Tree Height 23 cm

Imported from Japan

Tree ID 164 : Sekka Hinoki

Sekka Hinoki – Formal upright style

Rare Sekka Hinoki Bonsai tree, Dwarf Specie with unique leaves character. One of the most slow growth tree in Japanese bonsai species.

Age 40 years old

Tree Height 42 cm (medium size)

Imported from Japan