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Tree ID 318 : Itoigawa by Master Akio

Itoigawa Shimpaku on Japanese volcanic rock with an ancient texture creates a stunning view of Classical bonsai.


Tree ID 169 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku  – Slanted Style

Age 45 years old

Tree Height 29 cm (medium size)

Imported from Japan

Tree ID 170 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku – Bunjin Style

Age 20 years old

Tree Height 45 cm (medium size)

Imported from Japan

Tree ID 189 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku . A stunning style created by nature for several decades. A unique bonsai tree for collections

Tree Height : 30cm (30x36x20)

Age : 25 years old

Tree ID 190 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku – Informal Upright style

Age 40 years old

Tree Height 34 cm (medium size)

Imported from Japan

Tree ID 193 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku quality Bonsai from Japan, With twin trunk style good stump size flowing through nature to find sunlight for survival. 65 years old created a” Twin Dragons” as mother of all Bonsai classes from our gallery