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Tree ID 255 : Itoigawa Shimpaku


Code 094 : Tosho

Details Age : Height :
Deadwood Style 70 yrs old  90cm

An old great Tosho with perfect gin and shari. Ready for a pre-work to be a high quality Bonsai.

Code 105 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

120 years old Bonsai from Japan.

Code 118 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku – High Quality material

30 years old

Tree height 27 cm


Tree ID 131 : Itoigawa shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku – Forest style, A great large forest bonsai at home with a fine Japanese Tray pot

Height 70cm, 56cm width (Large size)

Age : 20 years old

Tree ID 150 : Sonare

Juniper Procumbens (Sonare) 40 years old big body tree with a fine pot. Informal upright styles

Tree ID 223 : Shimpaku

Itoigawa Shimpaku

Tree ID 224 : Tosho

Tosho is another kind of speacial Japanese Bonsai tree with unique leaf character. The formal upright style is famous as conventional bonsai style.

Tree Age : 60 years old

Tree Height cm