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Code 033 : Japanese Maple

Details Age : Height :
Material 50 years old 50cm

Code 070 : Japanese Maple

Details Age : Height 
 Informal Upright 80 yrs old 80cm

Code 081 : Japanese Maple


Details Age : Height :
Multitrunk style 60 yrs old 80cm
First class Quality call : 0809632484

Code 082 : Japanese Maple

Details Age : Height :
Forest Style 35 yrs old  70cm

Code 099 : Japanese Maple

A Japanese Maple “Finest Bonsai Art”. Grande Size. Very Few in the Country. The Greatest home decoration.

The Precious Japanese Maple Bonsai in Thailand

Code 100 : Japanese Maple

Grande Japanese Maple. Thick body indicates very long live in nature for almost a century. One of the Biggest Maple Tree in our gallery.

Code 114 : Japanese Maple (Kaede)

Kaede Maple imported from Japan. 35 years old tree with wonderful tree body and leaves. It is a good Maple bonsai for collections.

Code 117 : Japanese Maple (Kaede)

Japanese maple forest style “Kaede”

Age : 30 years old

Tree height 47cm (Medium size)

Imported from Japan

Code 115 : Japanese Maple (Kaede)

Japanese Maple : Forest style with age over 20 years old. Forest style creates natural environment to your home and garden with special “Maple”tree.