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Tree ID 276 : บอนไซสนใบพาย

บอนไซสนใบพายหรือสนอรหันต์ อายุเก่าแก่กว่า60ปี เลี้ยงง่ายและทรงคุณค่าในรูปแบบของบอนไซขนาดใหญ่

Tree ID 273 : Tosho

100 years Tosho tree with unique deadwood implies long tree history which have been through a tough nature. needle leaves maintain Tosho special charactor differentiate from. Other species.

Tree ID 224 : Tosho

Tosho is another kind of speacial Japanese Bonsai tree with unique leaf character. The formal upright style is famous as conventional bonsai style.

Tree Age : 60 years old

Tree Height cm

Tree ID 199 : Tosho

A special forest style grown on a single root( rafted) an old Tosho tree. Creat a wonderful art implied the long history of love and care from the Japanese in Kansai region.

80cm height  80cm width

Tree ID 150 : Sonare

Juniper Procumbens (Sonare) 40 years old big body tree with a fine pot. Informal upright styles