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Bonsai ID540 : บอนไซสน Itoigawa Shimpaku

🌳🌳Itoigawa Shimpaku 🌳🌳 (อิโตอิกาว่า ชิมปากุ)

Well balance and creative dynamic flow of the tree provide soft feeling and appreciation for the owner. Large size of Itoigawa Shimpaku

Tree height xxcm , Total height xxcm,
Stump diameter x inches (ขนาดโคน)


Bonsai ID562 : บอนไซสน Itoigawa Shimpaku

🌳🌳Itoigawa Shimpaku 🌳🌳 (อิโตอิกาว่า ชิมปากุ)

Growing in a rock Bonsai style (Ishisuki)

In this style the roots of the tree are growing in the cracks and holes of the rock. This means that there is not much room for the roots to develop and absorb nutrients. Trees growing in rocks will never look really healthy, thus it should be visible that the tree has to struggle to survive. It is important to fertilize and water often, because there is not much space available to store water and nutrients. The rock in which the Bonsai grows is often placed in a shallow pot, which is sometimes filled with water or fine gravel.

Bonsai ID573 : บอนไซสน Shimpaku


Kishu Shimpaku คิชู ชิมปากุ ทรงป่ารากเดี่ยวขนาดใหญ่ (เทียบไฟแช๊ก)

Code 008 : Japanese Black Pine

Details Age : Height :
Multi trunk style 50 years old 60cm

Code 010 : Sugi

Details Age : Height :
Forest Style 25 years old 45cm

Code 025 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Details Age : Height :
On The Rock 40 yrs old 45cm

Code 027 : Sugi

Price call : 0809632484

Details Age : Height :
Formal Upright 80 yrs old 80cm

Code 033 : Japanese Maple

Details Age : Height :
Material 50 years old 50cm

Code 035 : Japanese Apple

Details Age : Height :
Fruit Bonsai 12 years old 33cm

Code 037 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Details Age : Height :
Deadwood Style 50 yrs old 45cm

Code 053 : Itoigawa Shimpaku

Details Age : Height :
Material 18 yrs old

Code 062: Itoigawa Shimpaku

Details Age : Height :
Upright 50 years old 55cm